The Packwoman's grave

Lake District

Although only a short distance off one of the main Lake District footpaths, the Packwoman's grave is surprisingly little known. Folk tales handed down by those in the know, tell us that this is the grave of an elderly hawker who traveled the hills towards the latter part of the 18th century.

Peddling general wares at Lakeland farms, like the Yorkshire cork seller, she would have been a well-known visitor and no doubt her local knowledge would have enabled her to plan her itinerary to ensure that she reached shelter before nightfall.

Unfortunately, one morning she was discovered still surrounded by her wares, having apparently frozen to death in the remote hills. As it would be known that no claims would be made upon the corpse an immediate rudimentary burial was expedited.


Halfway up the southern side of Rossett Gill the bridleway starts a series of zigzags. A small footpath starts just before the first bend which actually following the gill itself. and forms a steep shortcut towards Angle Tarn. The grave lies a short way up this track at GR 251073