Juliet's grave

Holywell, Cambridgeshire

[Juliet's grave]

Although we do not know exactly when Juliet Tewsley lived we do know that she had a crush on the local woodcutter Thomas Zoule. Despite her apparent frequent encouraging of him he persisted in ignoring her, possibly as he regarded her as either too young or immature.

However, determined to achieve her ambition, one day she followed him into the forests and tried to explain to him how she felt about him. Thomas apparently told Juliet that her feelings were not reciprocated and, rejected, the poor girl took her own life hanging herself from an oak tree adjacent to the local ferry house

As was the custom with suicides, she was duly cut down and interred at the point which she took her own life ... directly below the tree.

As time passed the ferry closed and the ferry house became a hostelry. Presumably the grave remained undisturbed outside its exterior walls.

Later, as trade prospered the pub sought to expand, but was stymied by poor Juliet's grave. A compromised was however reached, the pub being allowed to extend over the grave, provided her cadaver was left undisturbed.

And here it still remains today.


The grave can now be seen in the lounge of the Old Ferry Boat inn at Holywell in Cambridgeshire, a short distance east of St Ives.

Each year, on the anniversary of her death, March 17th, Juliet is said to rise from the grave and walk round the surrounding area looking for Thomas. The pub of course has seen the profitability in this and generally has an extended drinks license on this date to allow interested parties to observe her apparition!