Highwayman's Grave

Beckhampton, Wiltshire

A short distance west of Beckhampton lies what is known locally as the Highwayman's grave. It is said that the guard of the London to Bath stagecoach, alerted by movements in a copse shot an unknown villain as he prepared an ambush. He was buried face downwards, head pointing to the west at the point on the roadside where he fell.

Gypsies however dispute this version claiming that the victim was no more than an itinerant traveller who, on innocently emerging from some trees where he had been resting, was gunned down by an over-enthusiastic guard. In respect, for some considerable time they maintained the grave, placing flowers on it as they passed.

Whatever the truth local residents claim to have witnessed a spectral highwayman, complete with cloak and tricorn hat, wandering the adjacent byways


The grave, marked by a sarcen headstone, lies by the side of the A361, 1 km west of Beckhampton.