The Eday Graves


The original Name-Book entry of 1880 states that Pea Geo lies on the western side of War Ness, 1300 yards (l.25kms) south of Greentoft. About 40 yards (38m) north of this geo is the site of 3 or 4 graves where shipwrecked mariners were buried. There is no reason to actively dispute this statement as it is quite possible that it was originally collected from period eyewitness accounts. Modern archaeologists are sceptical, and as no evidence exists today to support the original idea, believe that any stones once extant were probably the remains of an ancient habitation.

Throughout Orkney several graves are identified by the 0rdnance Survey. Positive proof of these sites is now impossible to establish but local residents believe that they are, in most cases, not graves but the remains of various settlements.

The graves at the southern end of Muckle Green Holm are believed to be of the crew of a Spanish man-o'-war sunk during violent weather. Historians believe the stones are merely field boundaries... who knows?