Daddy Witch's grave

Horseheath, Cambridgeshire

Horseheath in Cambridgeshire was, many years ago, a focal point for large numbers of witches and wizards. They flocked to the area from miles around to attend the numerous midnight jollifications and frolics which took place in the nearby deserted fields. One witch, it was noted, arrived by broomstick, another danced a fine hornpipe and a third was held to sing a good song.

Daddy Witch was believed to be a frequent visitor to these gatherings and she was one of the earliest recorded witches in the locality. She was, it was claimed, an ancient, boney creature, half clothed in rags, who lived in a hut by the sheep pond in Garrets Close. Her knowledge and skills, tradition continues, were gained from a book called 'The Devil's Plantations'.


When she died her body was buried in the centre of the road leading between Horseheath and Horseheath Green, just where it passes a close opposite the sheep pond.

The grave was always identifiable by the bareness of the ground said to occur as a result of the heat which emanated from her body. Even during periods of heavy rain locals claimed that the area immediately above and around her grave remained dry. Local children were brought up in the belief that good luck would occur if they nodded nine times as they passed the grave.

In 1792 a fire spreading along the road suddenly stopped on reaching the grave, turned and continued to burn across the adjacent fields.