Betty Coomber's grave

Midsommer Norton

Betty Coomber's life is mystery. Nothing remains to tell us who she was or why she died. But die she certainly did. It is recorded that committed suicide by throwing herself into a well at Norton Hill, being subsequently buried at the adjacent crossroads which now bear her name.

Most interesting however, are the overseer's accounts which survive in the church's poor book. This contains the following entries ...

									£	s	d
Feb		To Betty Coomber						1	0
May	9	Gave Betty Coomber in distress				2	6
June	6	To Betty Coomber						1	6
Paid to a man for taking Coomber out
	of the well when found dead.					1	0  
Paid to two men for sitting a night and
	a day with the body of Coomber					3	0
To entertainment for the two men during
	that time  							 	2	0
to a man and a horse (with their expense)
	in going for the coroner    					5	0
To four men for bringing her from the
	field to the church 						4	0
to Do for carrying her to the place of burial  				4	0
to Joseph Smith his bill for beer &c had by
	the jury &c concerned about Coomber		     		11	9
to a coffin, wool and to the clarke 					10	0


The spot known as Coomber's grave lies just north of Midsommer Norton church where North Road and Paulton Road meet.