Thomas Bremner's Grave


Thomas Bremner was born in 1790 to James Bremner and his wife Isabella (nee Mowat). He completed his education at Edinburgh University before being ordained on 13th October 1813 after which time he returned to the parish of Walls and Flotta.

Local legend has it that he became engaged to be married to one of the Laird's daughters who lived at Melsetter House about a mile and a half away from his manse at Walls.

The daughter however, said that she would only marry him if he resided in sight of Melsetter House itself, and so he set about building a new manse on a might spot on Longhope. Unfortunately, shortly before their marriage, the girl, who was believed to be a 'bit of a lass', jilted him.

This caused him untold misery and, being able to bear it no longer he hanged himself in the rear of his manse at Walls on 23rd August 1827.

He was buried, after a short ceremony, on a tiny island in the Waters of Hoy, so lying, as was often the custom with suicides, on the boundary of two parishes.