Two graves on Auskerry

The tiny island of Auskerry, 13kms south of Stronsay, has been uninhabited since automation rendered the light housekeepers redundant. Close to their pristine but silent house lays one of Auskerry's 2 graves.

This is the grave of an unknown farmer, a native of some other Orcadian isle. He and another courted the same girl. After an attempt at mediation failed to solve their problem, one turned on the other and murdered him, stuffing his body into a hessian sack.

Unfortunately this proved too short to take the whole corpse, so the head was severed and repacked below the legs. After tying it up the surviving suitor tossed the whole parcel into the sea during a brisk gale. Everyone believe that the unfortunate farmer had accidentally met his end falling off one of the cliffs, that is, until the sack and its contents were washed ashore on Auskerry. Now both the deed and the perpetrator were revealed and the farmer's body was laid to rest close to the point at which it was discovered.

The other grave is believed to be that of an unknown seafarer also washed up after a local storm. It lays close to 'Monk's House', an island ruin.